HEIDENHAIN Digital Readout Displays, Authorised UK Distributor – Supply, Installation & Service

HEIDENHAIN digital readout displays (HEIDENHAIN DRO) give the machine operator a visual display of the linear or rotary distance moved in conjunction with either linear scales, rotary encoders or length gauges. Digital Readout displays from HEIDENHAIN are designed to be user-friendly, sporting the following typical characteristics for the HEIDENHAIN DRO Range:

  • Highly readable & user-frienfly, alphanumeric display
  • Simple, logically arranged keypad
  • Ergonomically designed push-button keys
  • Splash-protected front panel
  • Sturdy die-cast housing

Designed to visualise the values measured using linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders, digital readout display applications include:

  • Measuring and inspection equipment
  • Dividing apparatuses
  • Monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Manual machine tools
  • Measuring machines

Most HEIDENHAIN digital readout displays feature RS232 data interface for subsequent  processing of the data or to print out the values.

HEIDENHAIN Digital Readout Displays (HEIDENHAIN DRO) Range:

  • HEIDENHAIN ND 5023 1-3 axis for TTL Applications
  • HEIDENHAIN ND 7013 1-3 axis
  • HEIDENHAIN ND 8016 up to 6 axis
  • HEIDENHAIN ND 280/287 are still current
heidenhain digitial readout

HEIDENHAIN Digital Readout Display range (HEIDENHAIN DRO)

Digital readouts for manual machine tools increase your productivity and increase the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpiece. Practice-oriented functions and cycles are available for various applications. The distance-to-go display feature with graphic positioning aid allows you to approach the next nominal position quickly and reliably simply by traversing to a display value of zero. And POSITIP speeds up small-batch production—repetitive machining sequences can be saved as a program.

HEIDENHAIN Digital Readout Displays – Position Display Units

Retrofitting a manually operated machine with a HEIDENHAIN digital readout display (DRO) system can increase productivity, reduce scrap & wastage, assist lean-manufacturing goals and increase accuracy of the machined part. Add ‘ease of use’ to the list and a DRO system from HEIDENHAIN becomes a must have for any machine tool, regardless of whether it is a new installation or an upgrad to an existing DRO system. HEIDENHAIN digital readout Displays (HEIDENHAIN DRO) can easily be retrofitted to any model of machine or type of equipment, whatever the application and number of displayed axes.

heidenhain dro position display units

HEIDENHAIN DRO position display units