Machine Datum Setup – Authorised HEIDENHAIN UK Distributor

Machine datum setup and workpiece measurement is carried out using one of HEIDENHAIN’s TS type Touch probes, with cable and cableless options available. Cableless infrared probes and radio type probes are the most popular, enabling the cableless probe to be stored in the machine carousel/magazine. Machine datum set up – in conjunction with probing cycles in the HEIDENHAIN TNC control allow simple machine datum setup & adjustment of settings (with or without rotation) directly into the control.

Work-piece measurement can be used during or after machining, in order to probe a job to check the in-process dimensions or final-finished component dimensions & tolerances. HEIDENHAIN TS touch probes designed for work-piece measurement are designed for milling, drilling, boring machine and machining centers. These HEIDENHAIN touch probes are available in various versions with a vast array of fittings & tapers. Cableless transmission is achieved through the SE transceiver.

HEIDENHAIN Measuring Systems For Machine Tool Datum setup and adjustment of settings

machine datum setup

HEIDENHAIN Measuring Systems For Machine Tool Datum setup

Workpiece measuring TS 460 shown with HEIDENHAIN’s revolutionary collision protection fitting (option)

work piece measurement datum setting

HEIDENHAIN work piece measurement datum setting

Tool Probing

Tool Probing (tool measurement) is carried out with either the TT table-mounted physical deflection Tool Probe or TL red-light laser. Tool measurement on the machine minimises downtime and increases machining accuracy, which in turn can reduce wastage, reworking of machined parts and ultimately aids a lean machining methodology, keeping quality high and costs to a minimum. With the deflection TT touch probes and the contact-free TL red-laser laser systems, HEIDENHAIN offer two distinctly different options for tool measurement.

Tool cutter length and diameter probing to assist tool setting

workpiece measurement

HEIDENHAIN tool probing measurement – tool cutter length diameter probing

heidenhain workpiece measurement

HEIDENHAIN infrared cabless probes for tool probing/tool measurement