UK Supply/Installation/Service of HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 & HEIDENHAIN ATS Systems
EEC Ltd Operate as a fully Authorised UK HEIDENHAIN Distributor

HEIDENHAIN offers an adjusting and testing package for diagnostics and adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders with absolute and incremental interfaces. It consists of the following components:

  • HEIDENHAIN PWM 21: Testing device for connection to a PC through the USB interface
  • HEIDENHAIN ATS: Adjusting and Testing Software with integrated local encoder database for automatic encoder identification

We recommend returning the HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 to a HEIDENHAIN Distributor for calibration every two years in order to ensure traceable, accurate and error-free operation as a testing device.

The HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 is the successor model to the HEIDENHAIN PWM 20. The performance range and the housing are unchanged. Only the board assembly has changed. The PWM 21 is supported as of ATS version V3.2.1. Future PWM 20 devices.

heidenhain PWM 21 HEIDENHAIN ATS

EEC Ltd are authorised UK distributors of HEIDENHAIN products

Inspection and testing devices from HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN encoders are provided with all information necessary for commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics. HEIDENHAIN offers the appropriate PWM inspection devices and PWT testing devices for encoder analysis.
The PWM inspection devices can be used universally. They have low measuring tolerances and can be calibrated. Testing devices, like the PWT 100, have a simpler performance range and larger measuring tolerances. They cannot be calibrated.

HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 Mounting wizard

The PWM 21 is recommended as a mounting tool for the adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders that require a special mounting wizard (for example LIP 2xx, ERO 2xxx). The PWT 100 test device can be used only to a limited extent for adjusting encoders.

HEIDENHAIN ATS Available functions

The functions supported by the ATS software vary depending on the encoder and the encoder interface. The EnDat display the position value, but also to read protection and use further inspection

Important new functions of the ATS software V3.2:
• Mounting wizard: Prepared for new generations of encoders
• Datum shift: Support for additional interfaces and information display
• DRIVE-CLiQ: Update for the display of parameters and error messages
• Display of online diagnostics in the control loop:
Revised listening-in with EnDat;
Fanuc: Manual switchover
• Expansion of incremental counter function
• Connect the encoder through the ID of the HEIDENHAIN motor.