HEIDENHAIN Linear Scales (Linear Encoders) by EEC Ltd, UK Authorised Distributor

Both HEIDENHAIN linear Incremental scales and HEIDENHAIN linear absolute scales are used for position feedback in both Manual (DRO) and CNC machinery. The HEIDENHAIN enclosed linear scale (or linear encoder) range covers a vast array of different sizes (slimline or standard extrusion), electrical signals such as 1Vpp and TTL for incremental applications. Absolute linear scale (or linear encoder) variants are available for HEIDENHAIN’s own EnDat systems, Fanuc, Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ, Mitsubishi and Panasonic – all with world leading & guaranteed accuracy and reliability, accuracy variable to application.

For length measurement, HEIDENHAIN Sealed linear encoders incorporate a grating in an aluminium extrusion keeping out contamination in the most harsh environments, ideally suited for machine tool applications.

Alternatively for length measurement, HEIDENHAIN Exposed linear encoders rely on the mechanical operation of the axis they are mounted to without mechanical contact between the scanning head and the grating. Application for HEIDENHAIN Exposed scales range from the semi conductor sector to coordinate measuring machines, with various accuracy’s, lengths and types available.

heidenhain length measurement

EEC Lts supply, install and service Heidenhain length measurement equipment

HEIDENHAIN linear scales (Linear Encoders) – Incremental

HEIDENHAIN Incremental linear scales (also known as incremental linear encoders).  Referencing the encoder scale, the original datum point can be re-established simply enabling the operator to pick up where they left off after a power down situation. Referencing is a simple fast process with HEIDENHAIN length measurement – utilising world-leading technology of distance-coded reference marks. The measuring step can be subdivided in the HEIDENHAIN DRO display or subsequent electronics such as EXE/IBV box or TNC/CNC control for a wide range of resolutions.

HEIDENHAIN linear scales (Linear Encoders) – Absolute

HEIDENHAIN Absolute linear scales (also known as absolute linear encoders) do not require referencing. With a bit code, immediate feedback upon power-up means the axis position is known along with traverse range and alarm technology, making the absolute linear scale technology a requirement on most modern types of CNC machinery. Available in various length, sizes, resolutions and accuracy’s, The absolute linear encoder transmits the absolute value through the EnDat interface/other types of serial interface along with an incremental track in some models.