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HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders

HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders are used for many applications from linear measurement (mounted on motors, ballscrews and pulleys) to speed feed back and orientation feed back for spindle position. The range of rotary encoders is vast as requirements vary massively with mechanical fixings, line counts, cable length and connector requirements.

HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders – Incremental Angle

By referencing the encoder scale the original datum point can be re-established simply, enabling the operator to pick up where they left of after a power-down situation. Referencing is a simple & swift process with HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders – world leading technology of distance-coded reference marks. The measuring step can be subdivided in the DRO display or subsequent electronics, such as EXE/IBV box or TNC/CNC control for a wide range of resolutions. Incremental HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders with commutation signals supply the angular shaft position value – without requiring previous traverse – with sufficient accuracy to correctly control the phases of the rotating field of a permanent-magnet three-phase motor.

HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders – Absolute angle

do not require referencing with a bit code immediate feedback upon power up the axis position is known along with traverse range and alarm technology, making the Absolute encoder technology a requirement on most modern types of CNC machinery. The encoder transmits the absolute value through the EnDat interface/other types of serial interface along with an incremental track in some models.

heidenhain rotary encoders

HEIDENHAIN Rotary encoders with integral bearing and stator coupling, offer simple mounting, short overall length, high natural frequency of coupling and hollow-through shafts are possible. HEIDENHAIN Rotary encoders without integral bearing operate without friction, offer large diameter of hollow shaft, high shaft speeds and require no additional starting torque

Rotary Encoders with Integral Bearing

HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders with integral bearing and mounted stator coupling are simple to mount and are short in overall length. Applications are numerous from simple measuring tasks to position/speed control on servo drives. The hollow shaft of these encoders slides and fastens directly onto the shaft intended for measurement.

HEIDENHAIN ROD, ROC and ROQ rotary encoders contain their own robust and compact, sealed bearings. These encoders are coupled by the rotor to the measured shaft through a separate coupling that compensates axial motion and misalignment between the encoder shaft and measured shaft.

Heidenhain rotary encoders integral bearing

Rotary encoders with integral bearing – stator coupling mount

Rotary Encoders without Integral Bearing

With Rotary Encoders without integral bearings, the mounting and adjustment of the scanning head has a significant effect on the overall accuracy that can be achieved. The mounting eccentricity and radial run-out of the measured shaft is of particular importance.

The inductive rotary encoders ECI/EQI 1300 are mechanically compatible with the photoelectric encoders ExN 1300: the shaft being fastened with a central screw. The stator of the encoder is clamped by an axially tightened screw in the location hole.

The HEIDENHAIN photoelectric ERO modular rotary encoders consists of a graduated disk with hub and a scanning unit. They are particularly well suited for limited installation space or applications where there must be no friction.

Rotary encoder without integral bearing from HEIDENHAIN