HEIDENHAIN’s next generation Touch Probes are a step ahead of the competition: an unbeatable combination of a wear-free compact design with radio and infrared transmission, collision protection, thermal decoupling and smart standby.

Workpiece and Tool Probing for HEIDENHAIN TNC

Workpiece and Tool Probing for HEIDENHAIN TNC

Special Offer

Cable Tool Probe (TT160)
£1,799.00 (fitted)*

Wireless Tool Probe (TT460)
£3,699.00 (fitted)*

Wireless Workpiece Probe (TS460)
£3,799.00 (fitted)*

Package 1

Cable Tool & Wireless Workpiece Probes
£4,999.00 (fitted)*

Package 2

Wireless Tool & Workpiece Probes
£6,499.00 (fitted)*

Collision protection option for TS460
add £799.00

Probe Diagnostics via EndDat
add £319.00

Cable workpiece probes also available

*Prices exclude carriage & VAT but include fitting
(mainland U.K.), probe cycles and basic probe
set-up training on your HEIDENHAIN TNC, all
subject to machine survey.

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