The HEIDENHAIN PWT 100 is a testing device for checking the function and adjustment of incremental and absolute HEIDENHAIN encoders. Thanks to its compact dimensions and robust design, the PWT 100 is ideal for mobile use. A 4.3-inch touchscreen provides a highly visual display and user-friendly operation.

The HEIDENHAIN PWT 100 supports a variety of functions depending on the encoder or the interface. For example, for encoders with EnDat interface you can not only display the position value but also export the online diagnosis, shift datums, and perform further inspection functions.


EEC Ltd Supply, Install, Service & Repair HEIDENHAIN PWT 100 Testing Devices

Inspection and testing devices from HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN encoders are provided with all information necessary for commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics. HEIDENHAIN offers the appropriate PWM inspection devices and HEIDENHAIN PWT testing devices for encoder analysis. The PWM inspection devices can be used universally. They have low measuring tolerances and can be calibrated. Testing devices, like the HEIDENHAIN PWT 100, have a simpler performance range and larger measuring tolerances. They cannot be calibrated.

HEIDENHAIN PWT 100 – Available Functions

The performance range of the PWT 100 can be expanded by firmware update. Appropriate firmware files that can be imported to the PWT 100 through a memory card (not included in delivery) are available at

Important innovations with firmware V2.0.0:
• Support for encoders with 1 VPP, 11 μAPP and TTL interface including HSP capability.
• Support for Yaskawa interface
• Adjustability of the encoder supply voltage
• Managing firmware modules

HEIDENHAIN PWT 100 – Mounting Wizard

The PWM 20 is recommended as a mounting tool for the adjustment of HEIDENHAIN encoders that require a special mounting wizard (for example LIP 2xx, ERO 2xxx).

Replacement of PWT 10, 17, 18

With firmware V2.0.0, the PWT 100 supports all functions of the PWT 10, 17, an incremental counter and further functions. The PWT 100 therefore replaces the PWT 10, 17, and 18 series.