HEIDENHAIN Electronic Handwheels

With the HEIDENHAIN handwheels, you can use the feed drive to make very precise movements in the axis slides in proportion to the rotation of the HEIDENHAIN electronic handwheel. As an option, the HEIDENHAIN handwheels are available with mechanical detent.

heidenhain handwheels

HEIDENHAIN Handwheels: HR 510, HR 520 and HR 550FS portable

The axis keys and certain functional keys are integrated in the housing. This allows the operator to switch axes or setup the machine at any time – regardless of where the operator happens to be standing. The HEIDENHAIN HR 520 handwheel also features a display for the position value, the feed rate and spindle speed, the operating mode and other functions, as well as an over-ride potentiometer for feed rate and spindle speed. The electronic handwheel operator can enjoy unlimited freedom of movement with the HEIDENHAIN HR 550 FS with radio transmission. It’s features correspond to those of the HR 520.

HEIDENHAIN Handwheels: HR 130 and HR 150 panel-mounted

Panel-mounted HEIDENHAIN handwheels can be integrated in the machine operating panel or be built-in at another location on the machine. Up to three HEIDENHAIN HR 150 electronic handwheels can be connected through an adapter.

User-friendly setup with HEIDENHAIN handwheels

Delicate manual traverse

For setup, you can use the axis-direction keys of the machine operating panel to move the machine axes manually or in incremental jog. A simpler and more reliable way, however, is to use the electronic handwheels from HEIDENHAIN. With the portable handwheels you are always close to the action, enjoy a close-up view of the setup process, and can control the infeed responsively and precisely.

The HR 550 FS with wireless transmission is exceedingly simple to use: since it communicates with the handwheel holder via radio transmission, your movements are not restricted in any manner, and you can fully concentrate on the action in the machine’s working space. The practical HRA 551 FS handwheel holder is not just a docking station for the handwheel: it also features an integrated charger for the handwheel’s battery, so that your HR 550 FS is always ready for the next job.

The transmission range is amply dimensioned. If you should nevertheless happen to come near the edge of the transmission area, which is possible with very large machines, the HR 550 FS warns you in time with a plainly noticeable vibration alarm. When the handwheel is in the docking station, contacts on its back ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of unexpected disturbances in the radio field.

System requirements

The HR 550 FS can be connected to the following controls:
As of NC software
• TNC 640 – 34059x-02
• TNC 620 – 81760x-01
• TNC 320 – 771851-01
• TNC 128 – 771841-05
• iTNC 530 – 60642x-01
• CNC PILOT 640 – 68894x-05
• MANUALplus 620 – 548431-05
The connecting and adapter cables are identical with those of the HR 420 and HR 520.

The radio operating conditions of the Technical Manual for your control apply during operation of the HR 550 FS/HRA 551 FS in the appropriate locations.

User-friendly setup with HEIDENHAIN handwheels The HR 550 FS electronic handwheels from HEIDENHAIN are available with and without mechanical detent, with 100 stops per revolution. The traverse path per step can be set via parameters. It also features numerous valuable additional functions:

The handwheel display consists of a header and six status lines. It displays important machine conditions and information (e.g. position of the selected axis, spindle speed, feed rate, error messages, active basic rotation and tilted working plane) as well as the functions of the five soft keys, which the machine manufacturer can assign as desired. The header provides information on the active radio operation, field strength and the battery’s state of charge.

The colored and raised axis keys permit traverse of up to six NC axes. In addition, the machine manufacturer can configure an axis key for selection of the so-called “virtual tool axis.”

In addition to the soft keys, the machine manufacturer can assign special functions to six function keys. They can be illuminated by LEDs. The symbols for the axis designations and the function keys can be exchanged. The axis feed rate, which is activated when the arrow key is pressed, and the spindle speed can each be set with an override potentiometer.

The HR 550 FS handwheel also features the usual safety buttons: an emergency stop button and two permissive buttons. The safety functions of the HR 550 FS fulfill the requirements of performance level d, category 3, according to EN ISO 13849-1. In addition, HR 550 FS fulfills the requirements of EN 60950.