ACU-RITE SENC 150 Linear Scale Repairs

Linear Scale Repairs on a XYZ Pro 3000 Semi CNC Turret Mill

Showcasing one of our recent on-site repairs to CNC Machinery – in this case an Acu-Rite linear scale. The customer recently moved the host machine into a new position and tore the cable out of the Z-axis Acu-Rite SENC 150 scale. EEC Ltd visited on-site and carried out a full and lasting repair.

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acu rite repairs

Scale refitting, with new replacement cable

senc 150 linear scale repair

20+ years old XYZ Pro 3000 Semi CNC turret mill, recently purchased by this customer, during machine positioning the Z axis scale cable got trapped.

linear scale repairs

Acu-Rite SENC 150/16” scale, refitting and clocking of the Z axis knee scale

cnc repairs

Scale refitting, with new replacement cable

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ACU-RITE SENC 150 linear encoder

The SENC 150 from ACU-RITE is the ideal scale for all applications. The compact and robust design, and the numerous possibilities for mounting, make it ideal for retrofitting. The slight dimensions and high accuracies of this ball-bearing guided encoder, which uses the reflected light method, are ideal prerequisites that can be used in metrology applications.

  • Robust design
  • Resolutions from 0.5 µm to 5 µm
  • Output signals: TTL
  • Measuring lengths from 75 mm/2″ to 3075 mm/120″
  • Distance-coded reference marks
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