HEIDENHAIN Test Equipment Training, Using PWM 21…

Last week EEC Ltd performed a training course for the maintenance department of an Aerospace Company based in the South, working with newly supplied HEIDENHAIN test equipment, supplied by EEC Ltd.

The course centred around the identification of an array of different encoder signals and fault finding. We tested and diagnosed faults throughout the training course using the EEC Ltd-supplied and fully certified HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 test equipment.

The HEIDENHAIN PWM 21 is available directly from us at the Engineering Equipment Centre, please enquire here

HEIDENHAIN Test-equipment training supports on-site engineers with an improved knowledge of Heidenhain encoders, enabling engineers to quickly diagnose current and unknown issues, as they arise. Armed with HEIDENHAIN Training, engineers and end users can diagnose issues faster, arriving at swift resolutions to faults and bottlenecks and maintaining efficient productivity.

Using the PWM 21 test equipment for pre-diagnosed faults can be beneficial too.

During diagnosis, if a fault is identified as a faulty component within the system, such as measuring equipment, the customer can remove the faulty part and forward it to us at EEC Ltd for inspection, repair & service. Once repaired, re-tuned and refitted to the machine tool, the customer’s maintenance department can inspect the signals ensuring correct fitment, calibration and alignment of the measuring equipment.

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heidenhain testing in the south


heidenhain pwm 21

Inspection unit for diagnostics and adjustment of absolute and incremental HEIDENHAIN encoders

  • Functional testing
  • Mounting wizard
  • Calibration capability
  • Adjustment via ATS software
  • Online diagnostics with the EnDat interface
  • USB port for connecting to a PC
  • Connectivity of EnDat 3 (E30-R2) encoders to the PWM 21 via the SA 1210 signal adapter

Diagnostics directly on the encoder

The encoder is connected directly to the inspection device. This enables a comprehensive functional analysis of the HEIDENHAIN encoder.

Diagnostics in the control loop

The PWM inspection device is linked into the closed control loop. This makes real-time diagnostics of the encoder possible in the machine or multi-machine system during operation. The functions depend on the interface.

Adjusting and testing software

The ATS adjusting and testing software with integrated local encoder database enables automatic encoder identification.

Software options

The ATS adjusting and testing software can be expanded by additional functions, such as a datum shift with information display, by purchasing a product key.

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