Customer Testimonial – Replacement Digital Display – Heidenhain ND7013

Societe Genevoise Sip MU-214B Universal Measuring Machine with Replacement Digital Display Heidenhain ND7013

EEC Ltd provided Compli Group with a timely and professional repair. Our Societe Genevoise Sip MU-214B universal measuring machine traditionally ran a digital display with a low resolution. EEC Ltd supplied and installed an upgrade for us which works really well. The old unit was replaced with a much higher resolution replacement, and the accuracy after UKAS calibration was 0.3 µm over 400 mm. The new digital display is a Heidenhain ND7013 Digital Readout.

The after-sales assistance during calibration was very helpful. Many thanks to you and your son Gary.

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David Palmer – Compli Group Ltd – Calibration Specialists.

Heidenhain ND7013
installed Heidenhain ND7013

The ND 7013 Digital Readout for Manually Operated Machine Tools

The ND 7013 digital readouts are suited for use with manual milling, drilling and boring machines, in addition to lathes with up to three axes. Integrated switching inputs and outputs enable interaction with the machine. This makes it possible to perform simple tasks in automation.

The ND 7013 digital readouts have been conceived for harsh workshop conditions and features a sturdy aluminium housing with touchscreen operation. With its clearly organized and user-friendly user interface operation of the ND 7013 is very simple. The 7-inch TFT monitor displays all the information you need to machine your workpieces.

Its low-profile aluminium housing with integrated power pack and fanless passive cooling is extremely sturdy and tolerant to negative influences. The unit’s intuitive touchscreen made of specially hardened glass can even be operated with gloves.

The ND 7013 digital readouts offer many useful functions for machining with manually operated machine tools. Self-explanatory operating elements and language-sensitive
information in plain language permit context-sensitive operation. The distance-to-go display facilitates positioning tasks. It enables you to approach the next position quickly and reliably by simply moving until the display reads zero. The ND 7013 also offers special functions for milling and turning operations, such as:

  • Hole patterns (linear, circular)
  • Radius/diameter switching
  • Sum display for the top slide

Presets can be determined quickly and accurately with an edge finder. The ND 7013 supports you with special probing functions. You can individually configure the display of the ND 7013 and save your settings in the user management.

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