Newall Repairs – Engineering Equipment Centre

EEC Ltd carry out Newall repairs & maintenance for Newall Measurement systems
EEC supply on-site and off-site repair services for Newall DRO Systems, Newall Spherosyn & Microsyn Linear Encoders and Newall displays.

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Newall Repairs – Digital Display Repairs

EEC Ltd are equipped to identify Newall DRO Display issues which in most cases can be rectified or replaced if the product is obsolete.

Newall Repairs – Newall Linear Encoder Repairs

Newall Digital Readout (DRO) Systems are designed for use with the Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ linear encoders. Digital Readout Systems by Newall are well known for their unique scanning of ball bearings inside a tube/rod. EEC Ltd support Newall DRO Systems and provide alternative replacement solutions for legacy Newall DRO systems which are no longer available with obsolete parts.

EEC Ltd repair all current Newall Rotary Encoders and supply alternative replacement Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN and ACU-RITE for obsolete systems.

Newall DP8 DRO (Digital Readout) system repair

Newall DP8 DRO (Digital Readout) system repair and replacement DRO units

acurite dro 203

Obsolete Newall equipment is often replaced with an ACU-RITE unit, such as the ACU-RITE DRO 203

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