Acu-Rite DRO 100 Digital Read Out

EEC supply, install and maintain high-quality machine tools. In focus, today is the Acu-Rite DRO 100 – a simple Digital Readout for one, two or three axes.

The ACU-RITE DRO 100 digital readouts are a smart choice for general applications on milling, drilling, boring, and lathes, machining on one, two, or three axes.

acurite dro 100 digital readout

Acu-Rite DRO 100 digital readout for one, two or three axes

With the Acu-Rite DRO 100’s sturdy housing and splash-proof membrane keyboard, it is a DRO built for the workshop. The DRO 100 displays position values, status information, and additional useful data on a TFT color screen.

The most important functions are available quickly and directly via function keys. If the DRO 100 is connected to a lathe, then you can simply switch from radius to diameter display. For lathes with a separate top slide, the sum display feature on the 3-axis version of the DRO 100 allows you to display the saddle and top slides either together or separately.

Data Interfaces
A USB port enables the writing and reading out of data and files

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ACU-RITE DRO 100 Specifications


Axes 1, 2 or 3
Encoder inputs TTL
Display step1) Adjustable, max. 7 digits
Linear axis: 1 mm to 0.0001 mm
Angular axis: 1° to 0.001° (00° 00′ 01”)
Display 7″ TFT color screen (15:9); resolution 800 x 400 pixels for position values and dialog
Display 5.7″ monochrome flat-panel display for position values, dialogs and inputs, and soft keys
Status display Freed rate, ABS/INC, mm/inch
  • REF reference-mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go mode
  • mm/inch switching
  • Absolute-incremental display
  • Integrated help function
  • Axis coupling
  • Radius/diameter display
Error compensation Linear axis error
Data interface USB connection, Type C
Optional accessories Stand, holder for mounting arm, protective cover
Data interface USB (type B connector), up to 115 200 baud
Power connection AC 100 V (–10 %) to 240 V (+5 %), 50 Hz to 60 Hz (±5 %), 33 W
Operating temperature 0° C to 45° C (storage temperature –20° C to 70° C)
Protection(IEC 60 529)  IP 40, front panel IP 54
Mass 1.6 kg
* Please select when ordering
1) Depends on the signal period of the connected encoder
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