ACU-RITE DRO203 Digital Readout

EEC supply, install and maintain high-quality machine tools. In focus, today is the Acu-Rite DRO203 – the most popular digital readout system in the machine tool marketplace, the DRO203 incorporates 7-inch colour display technology with versatile software. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ACU-RITE readouts are the first choice of machine tool builders and users alike.

Versatile digital readout for up to three axes

acurite dro203 digital readout

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The ACU-RITE DRO 203 digital readout is especially well-suited for use on milling, drilling, boring, and lathes machines with up to three axes.

The DRO 203 digital readout is designed as a sturdy upright unit with a splash-proof full-travel keypad for use in a workshop. It is equipped with a 7” TFT colour screen for position values, dialogue, input displays, graphic functions, and graphic positioning aid.

The DRO 203 digital readout is distinguished by its Klartext dialogue guidance. The distance-to-go display facilitates positioning tasks. You approach the next position quickly and reliably by simply traversing until the display reads zero. The functions for the respective application are easy to activate via parameter input. Special functions are available for producing hole patterns (linear patterns and circular patterns).

You can easily switch between the radius and diameter display when the position display is configured for turning. The digital readout also offers support for lathes with a separate top slide: the sum display feature allows you to display the saddle and top slides either together or separately. To set presets, simply touch the workpiece and freeze the tool position. Then retract and measure the workpiece with the tool out of the way.

Data Interfaces
A USB port enables the writing and reading out of data and files.

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What is the difference between the ACU-RITE DRO203 and DRO300?

DRO203 works with up to three axes. DRO300 series works with up to four. Both come with milling- and turning-specific functions and common cycles preprogrammed. In addition, the DRO300 series offers a program and space for saving up to 99 tool offsets/diameters.

What is the advantage of a 3-axis DRO on a lathe compared to two-axis DRO?

During milling, a 3-axis DRO allows for direct position feedback on the quill and knee. A 3-axis DRO can account for the cross slide, longitudinal and compound axes and allow for vectoring within the DRO. They’re also useful on lathes with more than one carriage, where two reader heads on the same scale create an X/Z/Z1 axis arrangement.

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