Acu-Rite DRO 304 4 Axis DRO Installed onto New Vertical Lathe

EEC Ltd – 4 axis DRO installation in Hampshire

EEC installed an Acu-Rite DRO 304 digital readout, into a new vertical lathe, in Hampshire. The lathe has now arrived at it’s final destination, in Indonesia.

4 Axis DRO – Acu-Rite DRO 304

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Acu-Rite DRO 304 is a 4 axis DRO, with a 7 inch colour, wide screen coupled to 4 x SENC 150 – 0.005mm linear scales.

Common 4 Axis DRO 304 functions

  • Multiple Display Views – DRO1, DRO2 & DRO3
  • Program Storage
  • Advanced Skew Compensation
  • Job Clock / Stop Watch
  • Feed Rate Display
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Absolute/Incremental
  • Near-Zero Warning with Graphics
  • Help function
  • 99 Tool Offsets/Diameter
  • Preset and Zero Reset
  • 4 Function Calculator/Trig Calculator
  • Instant Inch/mm Conversion
  • Position-Trac™ Home Reference System
  • Linear/non-linear compensation up to ±9,999 ppm

Milling Specific 4 Axis DRO 304 Functions

  • Bolt-hole Pattern Calculations with Graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline Calculation establish workpiece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder/touch probe input

Turning Specific 4 Axis DRO 304 Functions


  • Lock Axis Feature establish tool offsets with the tool under load, resulting in reduced tool deflection
  • Instant radius / diameter conversion
  • Taper calculator, Vectoring
  • INCLUDES Thread Assist simplify cutting metric threads on lathes with English leadscrews
Digital readout for vertical lathes

Digital readout for vertical lathes

acurite dro 304 digital readout

AcuRite dro 304 digital readout

acurite dro 304 digital readout

Vertical Lathe DRO installation

dro for vertical lathe

EEC Ltd – DRO for vertical lathes

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