EEC Overhaul and Repair a Fleet of DRO and Scale Systems Fitted to Lathes & Mills

EEC Ltd visited one of our customers’ premises to test and inspect 7 DRO systems. These legacy DRO systems are fitted to a range of lathes and mills. 3 machines had faults within the setup, ranging from complete failure of the system, to Z axis scale issues.

Engineering Equipment Centre Ltd quoted to supply and install replacement DRO and scale systems and parts.

The presented photos show a replacement Acu-Rite DRO 203 system fitted to a Colchester Triumph 2500 x 50 Lathe.

EEC provided a high quality installation, with bespoke brackets and guards.

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X axis scale and bespoke brackets

X-axis scale guarded

Acu-Rite DRO 203 display

X axis scale end on with bespoke brackets and guard

cable routing with armoured cabling

cable routing with armoured cabling

Finished Work

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