Heidenhain DRO ND 760 Repair

HEIDENHAIN ND 760 Installed on Jones & Shipment 540 Surface Grinder

We recently carried out repair and refurbishment work on an old Heidenhain DRO ND 760, a 20+ year-old Heidenhain digital readout system installed on a Jones & Shipmen 540 Surface Grinder (first manufactured in World War two, 1941). This original Heidenhain DRO equipment was repaired and refurbished on-site by the Engineering and Equipment Centre.  Heidenhain DRO systems are not throw-away, cheap DRO systems – even when they are retro! Quality and reliability wins every time with Heidenhain component replacement.

Heidenhain LS 603C/170mm Refurbishment

We also refurbished a Heidenhain LS 603C/170mm Linear Scale and installed new lip seals

Components involved in the DRO Repair Work

  • Heidenhain LS 603C/170mm Linear Scale
  • J&S 540 Surface Grinder
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Heidenhain ND 760 DRO repair

repaired and refurbished Heidenhain ND 760 DRO

heidenhain linear scale details label

Heidenhain linear scale details label

fitting heidenhain Linear scale to Y axis

Heidenhain Linear scale refitted back to the Y axis

linear scale custom brackets

Custom brackets manufactured to fit the linear scale to the J&S 540 Surface Grinder

PWM 9 test rig with dual trace oscilloscope

Official/genuine PWM 9 test equipment with dual trace oscilloscope

linear scale lip seals

New lip seals supplied and fitted to the linear scale

J & s 540 surface grinder and dro

Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder with refurbished Heidenhain ND 760 DRO

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